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Welcome to our Suggestion Box article for epoxy coffee table ideas!

A coffee table is often a centerpiece for a room, there to provide a resting place for drinks, snacks, among other things—and to look good doing it. And few do it as well as epoxy coffee tables.

An epoxy coffee table is simply a coffee table with an epoxy finish. It's usually a coating of epoxy applied to a substrate material on the top of the table, but it doesn't have to be. Many creators instead elect to craft something less conventional, such as by using a deep pour epoxy to make a thick-layered epoxy slab, which can be embedded with interesting objects or blended with colorful pigments prior to curing.

One of the primary benefits of choosing an epoxy coffee table for your project goal is that it's relatively easy to craft. Since coffee tables tend to be smaller than regular dining tables, and are less complex than a set of kitchen countertops, they serve as an excellent option for learning how to do bigger projects without diving into the deep end, head first.

A sea-themed epoxy coffee table made with a live-edge slab of wood, resin tinted with blue dyes, and various sea-themed embedments.

The benefits of epoxy resin apply to epoxy coffee tables

There are many features inherent to epoxy resin, and an epoxy coffee table takes advantage of all of them.

Giving your coffee table an epoxy coating imparts the following benefits:

  • A beautiful, high-gloss appearance. Our Table Top Epoxy has crystal-clear transparency; when you coat a surface with it, you get a glasslike finish that enhances and deepens the natural colors of the materials it's protecting.
  • A highly protective, rock-solid finish. This means an epoxy coffee table is very difficult to damage through scratching or denting.
  • A waterproof, stain-free surface. Because epoxy is so smooth, it doesn't allow stains. It's also waterproof, so water isn't absorbed into the material, making it easy to wipe away without concern.
  • An easy-to-clean surface. Epoxy is incredibly easy to clean with just mild soap and warm water.

In addition to these benefits, UltraClear Table Top Epoxy is easy to apply and work with, enabling DIY beginners to succeed in their project goals without prior experience.

An ocean wave epoxy coffee table.

Epoxy coffee table ideas

Making an epoxy coffee table is a fun process, with a lot of creative potential. With a premium epoxy resin finish, you can create your own beautiful works.

Take a look at this list and see if any of these inspire you:

Idea #1: An Ocean Wave Table

Use different shades of blue and white epoxy—which you can make using powder pigments—to mimic the appearance of ocean waves crashing onto a shoreline, with a clear section representing the beach.

Idea #2: Galaxy-Inspired Table

Incorporate deep blues, purples, and a sprinkling of sparkling additives to create a mesmerizing galaxy effect, complete with swirling nebulae and twinkling stars.

Idea #3: Embedded Nature:

Place dried flowers, leaves, or even thin branches flat onto the table surface and then pour clear epoxy over them to embed them, preserving the beauty of nature within the tabletop.

Idea #4: Geode Magic

Craft an epoxy design that emulates the intricate patterns and colors of geodes, using shimmering mica powders to enhance the crystalline appearance.

Idea #5: Layered Landscape

Design a multi-layered effect by pouring epoxy in stages, creating a 3D landscape scene, possibly of mountains, forests, or desert dunes.

A river epoxy coffee table, with an epoxy vein tinted with red pigment.

Idea #6: Rustic River

Use live edge wooden slabs with a gap in between, filling the gap with tinted epoxy to create a "river" running through the wood.

Idea #7: Glow-in-the-Dark

Integrate phosphorescent pigments into the epoxy so that, in low light, parts of the tabletop emit a soft, ethereal glow.

Idea #8: Industrial Fusion

Combine epoxy with concrete or metal elements, creating a sleek, modern design that blends industrial aesthetics with the smooth finish of epoxy.

Idea #9: Terrazzo Twist

Embed small, colorful pieces of stone, glass, or tiles in clear epoxy to create a modern terrazzo look, offering both texture and visual interest.

Idea #10: Personal Mementos

Arrange personal or sentimental items, such as photographs, ticket stubs, or small trinkets, onto the tabletop and encase them in clear epoxy for a personal touch and preservation.

Let your creativity guide you.

If none of these ideas speak to you, don't be afraid to stray from conventional methods. Because epoxy is so versatile, there are very few limits on what aesthetic approach you can take with your epoxy coffee table project. Try to think of things that appeal to you personally, then imbue your project with those concepts.

For instance, if you're a fan of playing card games, you could theme your coffee table around one of those, such as the classic 52-card deck of suited cards.

Or if you enjoy the cultural aesthetics of a certain era, you could find or print images of iconic works, photos, or art from that era and array and adhere them in a montage display, before coating the substrate with epoxy.

With epoxy resin, there is limitless opportunity to produce something that is unique to your personality and identity, so think about what speaks to you in life, and see if you can incorporate that into your creative process.

An epoxy coffee table with embedded mementos.

Have questions? Want advice? Contact us!

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And finally, we offer a variety of premium-grade epoxy resins in our store, including our award-winning UltraClear Table Top Epoxy, the ideal choice for crafting epoxy coffee tables and other types of epoxy projects.

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