Suggestion Box: Four great ideas for epoxy countertops

Welcome to our Suggestion Box article for epoxy countertop ideas!

Epoxy countertops are arguably one of the most iconic resin projects.

Their big, expansive surfaces make for an eye-catching centerpiece in any room, especially for kitchen countertops—and they have a way of enhancing the surrounding space.

Moreover, they're even fairly easy to create, because their flat surfaces make it easier to apply the epoxy resin as well as to remove air bubbles—plus, these surfaces are also great for the self-leveling properties of most table top epoxy resins.

Epoxy projects are aesthetically very versatile, allowing you to make unique and unconventional countertops through the use of uncommon materials for the substrate, by embedding different objects or small items, and via the application of various colors and textures, which you can blend into the epoxy itself prior to pouring.

In this article, we share a few of the epoxy countertop ideas that make for great starting points. Perhaps they'll even serve as inspiration for your next epoxy project!

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Epoxy countertop ideas

The classic method of making an epoxy countertop is using a standard material like granite, laminate, or quartz as a substrate and coating it with a clear layer of epoxy.

This is the most common use for epoxy on countertops, providing a satisfying result for the majority of new epoxy users.

However, we want to focus on some of the less common creative techniques for this article.

A selection of various epoxy pigments

Idea #1: Use epoxy pigments or resin dyes.

The easiest place to start is probably with epoxy pigments and resin dyes.

These are potent colorants that can be added to an epoxy batch during mixing to give the epoxy a light or heavy tint and, in the case of powder pigments, a unique textured appearance.

Epoxy pigments come in powder form. When added to resin, they can give it a shimmering, pearlescent, or metallic look. The reason for this is the mica minerals that they're made from.

Mica is a unique group of minerals that give off a reflective sheen in various colors. Epoxy pigments are made by grinding these minerals along with additional colorful additives (either natural or synthetic, depending on the color) into powders, which can then produce vivid tones.

These powders come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and intensities. Some even glow in the dark.

Resin dyes, on the other hand, are sold in liquid form. When added to resin, they typically imbue it with a consistent, singular tone throughout the resin mixture.

Resin dyes are often used by people who don't want the shiny or shimmering effect of powder pigments, instead preferring a solid color.

As mentioned above, both types of epoxy colorants are potent, so a little goes a long way. If you decide to use them in your epoxy, we recommend adding only small amounts at a time—until you achieve the desired affect.

At UltraClear Epoxy, we offer premium epoxy colorants by Pigmently.

We like Pigmently products because they're reliable, consistent, and sold in a wide variety of different high-quality shades and textures.

You can find them in our store on the following pages:

An epoxy countertop with different embedded objects.

Idea #2: Embed small objects, items, and pictures in your finish.

Another attractive technique is to embed various items into your epoxy resin, because epoxy is great at preserving things sealed within it, and since it provides such a strong surface, anything you embed will be well protected from damage.

Typical examples of embedded objects are small coins (e.g., pennies), the bottle caps from one's favorite beverages, stickers, photos, and even sea shells.

These projects are often made using our UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy, which is great for the thicker epoxy layers often necessary for embedding.

With embedding, the sky is the limit. You can use almost any type of object, though some may require a bit of additional preparation.

For instance, we always recommend that people who want to embed photos or paper items apply a sealing layer of Mod Podge to those items to preserve their "dry" appearance.

Otherwise, when the epoxy resin is poured onto them, they may absorb some of it, giving them a "wet" look.

With most objects, though, the only thing you'll need to do is fasten them to the surface with a basic adhesive (such as standard Elmer's Glue). This keeps the items from moving or floating when the epoxy is poured over them.

We've even written a couple of guides for projects like this, linked below:

An epoxy countertop with epoxy "river" veins.

Idea #3: Add an epoxy vein to your countertop.

Some resin users choose unrefined, more natural-looking wood to make their epoxy countertops with.

Wood like this often has deep cracks, fissures, or hollows. You can take advantage of these imperfections by filling them with tinted epoxy to make epoxy veins.

In these instances, users generally apply enough of a tinted resin batch to fill the void until it is level with the rest of the wooden surface, then repeat this action with other suitable sections of the substrate.

At the end, they then apply a single clear flood coat to seal the entire project surface. This gives the illusion of liquid pooling underneath, as often seen in the ever popular river table projects.

An epoxy countertop with a sandy beach theme.

Idea #4: Make a themed epoxy countertop.

By incorporating the previous three ideas, you can create your own delightful epoxy countertop theme.

For example, you could start with two parallel slabs of rough natural wood, then place and adhere sand, sea shells, and other similar aquatic items. With that done, you could then use blue or blue-green epoxy pigment to give your resin an oceanic aesthetic by pouring it into the space between the slabs, as well as into any natural reservoirs.

This is a popular theme for people who love boating, beaches, or swimming.

And that's just one concept. With themed countertops, you can go in almost any direction.

Maybe you're an outer space fan. If so, you could take one of our darkest pigments, such as Deep Space Blue or Dark Matter and apply it to your resin, then create little stars using sequins, or tiny pieces of thick paper coated with glitter.

You could even make something more abstract, and craft some cheerful 5-pointed stars using a bit of paint and glitter. Just cut them out, add some Mod Podge, and gently embed them to create a space-themed epoxy finish.

There's an endless number of ideas one could feasibly come up with. Try drawing inspiration from your own personal preferences, hobbies, works of art, and your favorite places.

An epoxy countertop made with UltraClear Table Top Epoxy.

Use a premium epoxy for long-lasting results.

One of the most important things with any epoxy project is choosing a high-quality epoxy brand that won't cause you problems down the road.

These days, there are hundreds of epoxy brands to choose from, and many of them consist of low-quality resins produced with cost-cutting measures to provide a low upfront price.

When shopping for epoxy resin, you should look for a reputable dealer that doesn't compromise on quality and provides post-purchase customer support to assist you with any issues that pop up.

If you haven't yet purchased your epoxy, we'd love for you to consider our UltraClear Epoxy resins.

All of our UltraClear Epoxy resin products are:

  • Premium-grade: They'll provide long-lasting results and won't buckle under pressure.
  • Safe to use: Stay worry free with our resins, which cure VOC-free and are food safe after hardening.
  • 100% Made in the USA: UltraClear Epoxy resins are made right here at home in the United States of America. They're never imported and are held to the high quality standards of both America and ourselves.

Additional Resources

We hope this article has given you some ideas to get you started on your epoxy journey.

Below, we've listed a few additional resources that you may find useful:

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