A live-edge wooden epoxy bar top, seen up close.

Epoxy resin is best known for its use as an incredibly resilient sealant with a beautiful transparent appearance. As a two-part epoxy, this remarkable material starts off as two separate components which cure to a hardened state when combined and left to cure.

Most bigger epoxy projects involve applying a flood coat to a fixture or piece of furniture, such as a countertop, bar top, or table top. And these projects require a varying amount of epoxy, determined by their size and shape.

Knowing how much coverage a single gallon of epoxy will provide can help you plan your project and order just the amount you need, nothing more, nothing less, so that there's no waste.

In this article, we answer the question "How much will 1 gallon of table top epoxy cover?"

We then explain ways for you to measure how much you'll need in total for your project and also provide advice on measuring for batches, mixing properly, and of course, applying your epoxy by pouring it or brushing it on.

How much will 1 gallon of table top epoxy cover?

One gallon of our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy will cover 16 square feet of flat surface area. This is enough for a single comprehensive layer on most table tops and even smaller countertops.

The shape of your surfaces can affect the amount needed. A table top with a raised trim may require a thicker layer than the self-leveling 1/8 of an inch that is provided by a typical flood coat of table top epoxy.

For projects that require a thicker layer or even a deep pour, adjust your needs accordingly. In fact, for thick epoxy layers, we highly recommend using our Deep Pour Epoxy resin. If desired, you can also topcoat your deep pour project with a flood coat of our Table Top Epoxy to finish it.

An outdoor wooden epoxy bar top with two parallel epoxy river veins tinted with black epoxy pigments.

Check out our Epoxy Coverage Calculators to get an estimate.

You can use our Epoxy Coverage Calculator to get a rough estimate of how much epoxy your project will require. Fill in the spaces and check off any relevant boxes to get a more accurate.

For projects requiring our Deep Pour Epoxy, you can use our Deep Pour Epoxy Coverage Calculator.

You can also reach out to us for personalized advice based on your project details.

Epoxy starts off as two separate components.

A gallon of high-quality table top epoxy resin will arrive in two separate components: the resin and the hardener. These components are usually a 1:1 mixture, though some epoxies have a different ratio (e.g., 2:1, 3:1), so be sure to read the instructions of your chosen brand carefully.

Tip #1: Take the time to measure carefully.

When preparing an epoxy batch, the first step is to ensure you get the ratio right. We recommend using mixing containers with measurement lines that indicate volume. This will enable you accurately measure each component and get the perfect mix.

Tip #2: Mix each epoxy batch thoroughly.

When mixing up a batch of epoxy, it's essential that you blend things together thoroughly. For gallon-sized batches, we strongly recommend using a power drill with a mixing drill bit.

Tip #3: Pour smoothly and deliberately.

The final part of applying a flood coat of epoxy is pouring it onto your substrate. Hold your container a few inches above the surface and pour it slowly, allowing it to spread out across your substrate surface.

There are other types of epoxy, which may suit your needs better.

There are three types of epoxy resin used for commercial and domestic projects:

  • Table Top Epoxy - Strong, resilient. This resin is perfect for thin, durable finishes that are highly protective. It's also the subject of this article.
  • Deep Pour Epoxy - Thin, low viscosity. This variant is specialized for pouring very thick individual layers. Ideal for river tables, molds, and pure epoxy tables.
  • Art and Craft Epoxy - Designed for resin arts and crafts, this epoxy type cures faster and is exceptional for the creation of resin jewelry, coasters, wall art, and much more.

Choose the right epoxy for your project to get optimal results.

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