A close-up view of a wooden epoxy bar top with a variety of embedments.

At UltraClear, our epoxy resin products are designed to be professional-grade while remaining easy to use for epoxy beginners.

We know that applying epoxy resin as a sealant can be an intimidating endeavor. We also realize that diving into the artistic side of things by using epoxy as a medium for creative works is a daunting investment for some artists.

As such, we've made sure that our products are of the highest quality, so that the only thing users need to worry about is simply following a streamlined set of instructions to achieve the best possible results.

In this article, we'll showcase 5 different classic project types that UltraClear Epoxy makes a lot easier to perform!

What Is UltraClear Epoxy?

UltraClear Epoxy is the brand name of our premium epoxy resin products. Precisely formulated to be ultra strong and crystal clear, our versatile range of epoxies cover nearly every conceivable project.

Each UltraClear resin product is unparalleled in endurance and clarity, making it the premier choice for epoxy finishing.

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5 Project Types Made Easy With UltraClear Epoxy

 Epoxy may be best known for its use as a sealant on bar tops, but there are so many more possibilities. Below is a list of 5 project types often performed by UltraClear users:

  1. Kitchen Countertops—Often, though not always, performed as part of a renovation, this is one of the most conventional projects, for good reason.
  2. Domestic and Commercial Bar Tops—The remarkable durability of UltraClear products makes even high-traffic commercial environments and easy proposition.
  3. Dining Tables—Easily give one of the most common gathering points in a home a beautiful makeover with epoxy resin.
  4. Coffee Tables—UltraClear is great for coffee tables, too! Just apply a coating and watch it cure to a crystal-clear finish that embellishes that natural beauty of the coffee table's original surface.
  5. Resin Art—Epoxy resin is more than just a sealant. Using it as a medium, it can be employed in the creation of a tremendous range of artistic endeavors!

Let's take a closer look at each type of project, starting from the top.

A wooden epoxy kitchen island countertop, made using UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy.

Project #1: Kitchen Countertops

Of all the aspects that make up a kitchen, it's the countertops that stand out as the centerpiece. These essential kitchen fixtures are not only a functional necessity for food preparation and a variety of other uses, but they're also a major part of the overall aesthetic, setting a tone for the rest of the room to follow.

Still, the kitchen countertop needs to be sturdy above all else, as its primary purpose is to be a durable surface that can support all manner of kitchen cookware and appliances for food preparation. And that's where UltraClear Epoxy comes in.

With our premium UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy, your kitchen countertop surfaces can be given new life. With a coating of epoxy, countertops surfaces are provided all of epoxy's benefits, including:

Each of these features are desirable traits that can play a prominent role in kitchen environments, ensuring long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing countertop surfaces, despite needing little effort to maintain.

With Deep Pour Epoxy, more designs are made possible.

Most kitchen countertops benefit from our strongest epoxy resin, UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy. If desired, users can also make use of our UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy in specialized projects to achieve distinct aesthetic features, such as epoxy river veins. These epoxy veins run between pieces of the countertop substrate material (such as wood).

All UltraClear Epoxy resins are highly receptive to colorants, too, so river vein can be colored or themed, with our Deep Pour Epoxy supporting the thick layers necessary for certain decoration without the risk of blemishes such as air bubbles.

Check out our Kitchen Countertops Spotlight for photos of epoxy kitchen countertops by real UltraClear users!

A domestic wooden epoxy bar top.

Project #2: Domestic and Commercial Bar Tops

Not all countertops are in the kitchen, and bar tops are an emblematic example of that. These delightful fixtures serve as a gathering place for social interaction and relaxation. Often a place of repose, bars represent a focal point for any room in which they're present, and as such, they tend to be subject to wear and tear, which is typically reduced by the use of a sealant. But with UltraClear Epoxy, that concern is all but eliminated.

Our UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy resin was originally created for use in high-traffic bar environments. Because of its sheer resilience and easy-to-clean surfaces, it makes bar maintenance a breeze, leaving the owners with peace of mind and free to focus on other things.

Visit our Bar Tops Spotlight article to see examples of epoxy bar tops made by real UltraClear users!

An epoxy river dining table.

Project #3: Dining Tables

Dining tables are a home and restaurant staple, a place to gather around and share a meal with friends and family. They're also a place where clumsy accidents can occur. Spills, dropped objects, crumbs, and residue are all occurrences that tend to happen at the table, which means that a protective seal is undeniably a good idea for dining table top surfaces. And for that there's no better option than epoxy resin.

Aside from sheer durability, one of epoxy resin's main draws is its waterproofing property. Any surface coated with it that forms a successful bond is given an impermeable seal from water and other liquids. Its ultra-smooth surface prevents staining and is easy to clean.

Additionally, epoxy's highly customizable appearance means you can choose either to showcase your table's natural material by leaving the finish crystal clear, or you can alter it through the application of beautiful pigments such as those made with mica powder.

River Tables, an Epoxy Specialty

One of the most stunning projects unique to epoxy is the beloved river table. This type of table involves taking two (or more) substrate pieces and lining them up so that there's a gap between. This gap is then filled with resin (typically Deep Pour Epoxy) which may be clear or pigmented; this is called an epoxy "river" vein.

Once applied, the river vein is allowed to partially cure, then a final topcoat of epoxy (usually Table Top Epoxy) is applied over the entire table top to fully seal in the substrate and provide a smooth, durable surface.

You can see examples of river tables in our Spotlight on the concept.

A wooden epoxy coffee table made using UltraClear Bar and Table Top Epoxy

Project #4: Coffee Tables

The coffee table is an object of convenience, often placed directly in front of seating. It can serve various functions, and common uses include holding food and drinks, books or magazines, and remotes/controllers for various electronics—some even use them as a footrest.

To preserve or enhance this surface, an epoxy coating can be applied, with the usual benefits for doing so being fully effective here.

Coffee table tops are a nice way to showcase aesthetic preferences, and with an epoxy coating, there's even more room for self-expression. Aside from the conventional clear coating, there's also themed finishes, such as those which make use of embedments or colorants. One example of a theme that's become prevalent particularly for smaller furniture such as coffee tables and end tables is oceanic imagery.

Get inspired with ideas for coffee tables in our Suggestion Box Series!

A resin art piece of the moment an eagle captures its prey in the water.

Project #5: Resin Art

The last of our project types is a more general category that covers all types of resin art.

Though epoxy resin is best known as a sealant for protecting delicate or expensive surfaces, it's also often used as an artistic medium to create stunning works of self expression. Jewelry, wall arts, trays, tables, keychains, coasters, and much more are great choices for crafting with epoxy.

Most resin art projects involve using a silicone mold to contain the resin while it cures. Prior to curing, it can be modified in various ways through colorants and embedments to produce desirable effects and imagery.

The optimal epoxy resin for resin art project is our UltraClear Art and Craft Epoxy. This specially tailored variant of epoxy is intended for resin art projects to produce a clean, highly transparent finish.

See examples of resin art in our Spotlight here!

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